[The Magic Of Word] The Recurring Dream [Questions & Answers]

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A. Answer The Following 
1. In which country does  this story takes place?
Ans. The story 'The Recurring Dream' takes place in England.

2. How old is Kim at this time?
Ans. Kim is 25 years old.

3.Who is Kim's room mate?
Ans. Kim's room mate is Janet Wilson.

4. Where is the house in Kimberly's dream?
Ans. According to Kimberly's dream, the house on the country side of England on top of a small hill.

5. Describe the lane and the house?
Ans. According to Kim's dream, it all begins on a country road where Kim is standing on the road lane having white fences and hedges on the either side of it. At the end of the lane, on top of a little hill is where she finds the house to be located having a green shutter.

6. Describe the man Kim sees in the dream.
Ans. The man according to Kim's dream is a little old man having white hair and beard.

7. Where in the house is the man when she sees him?
Ans. The man was asleep on his bed when she came across him.

8. Where does Janet want to take Kim for a few day's?
Ans. Janet want's to take Kim to her parents farm for a few days.

9. Where does Kim see a house like the one in her dream?
Ans. Kim sees a house like the one in her dream at the end of the lane on top of a hill.

10. What does the little old man do when he sees Kim at the door?
Ans. When the little old man sees Kim at the door, he slams shut the door in fear.

B. Answer The Following.
1. What do you think is the reason some people have recurring dream?
Ans. According to me, the reason why someone would have a recurring dream usually differs from a person to another person. The common reasons maybe due to lack of proper rest, work overload, stress and tension,etc. Also unfulfilled desires, busy work schedule or even over thinking of something what one is afraid of may also be considered as some reasons to have recurring dreams.

2. Why do you think Kim has this dream?
Ans. Kim has this strange dream mainly because of her over imagination about the dream itself and besides, because of her heavy workload and busy work schedule.

3. It says in the story that Kim simply goes into the house in her dream, but it does not say how she enters. How do you think she enters? (Remember the ending of the story)
Ans. When Kim starts having the dream, her spirit is actually in the house of the little old man and since a spirit does not require any sort of medium (door or window) to enter a house, her spirit simply goes past the walls, hence freely entering the old man's home.

4. In your opinion, why does Kim wake up each time she tries to speak to the man in her dream?
Ans. Kim wakes up each time she tries to speak to the man in her dream because in order for a spirit to communicate with a living matter, requires their physical body to be present and since Kim's body is at her apartment and her spirit at the old man's home, she wakes up every time when she tries to speak to him.

5. Why does Janet want to take Kim to her parent's farm for a few days?
Ans. Janet want's to take Kim to her parents farm for a few days so that Kim will feel refreshed and maybe even forget about all those nightmares she's suffering for the past few days.

6. When Kim sees a cottage like the one in her dream, Janet does not want her to go and see it. Why?
Ans. Janet does not want Kim to go and see the cottage like the one in her dream because she thinks that it is only Kim's imagination. Her logic is that there can be numerous places that appear to be identical to one's dream. Janet believes that Kim might get problems if she does go and sees the place.

7. Why does Kim's body shake when she sees the little old man at the door of the cottage?
Ans. Kim's body shakes when she sees the little old man at the door of the cottage because of the fear and the looks which he has being exactly similar to the one from her dream. So she is shocked about her nightmare and the lively incidents which was becoming identical.

8. Why does the little old man close the door when he sees Kim?
Ans. The little old man slams shut the door on seeing Kim because, she is the exact same girl who has been haunting him and his cottage for a few days.

9. Why does Kim say something about the for sale sign?
Ans. Kim says something about the for sale sign because she wanted to use this opportunity to figure out the exact reason of her having the same dream each and every night. She also continues to conversate with the little old man just in case if he had anything to say.

10. Why do you think the cottage is for sale?
Ans. I think that the cottage is for sale, maybe because of it being haunted by a spirit.

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