[The Magic Of Words] Fear [Questions & Answers]

A. Questions on context
1. In which city did this incident take place?
Ans. The incident takes place in Puebla, Mexico.

2. How much money did Armando Gonzalez withdraw from his savings account?
Ans. Armando Gonzalez withdrew 50,000 pesos.

3. How many bills did the bank teller give Armando?
Ans. The bank teller gave 50 bills to Armando.

4. What was the value, in US currency, of what he had left in the bank after he withdrew 50,000 pesos?
Ans. 123 pesos.

5. Where did Armando work?
Ans. Armando used to work at a shoe shop.

6. How did his wife Eva earn a little money? 
Ans. Eva earned a little money by looking after other's children.

7. What were Armando and Eva Gonzalez going to buy with this money?
Ans. Armando and Eva Gonzalez were gonna buy a house for their family with this money.

8. As Armando waited for the bus in the street, why wasn't he happy about buying a new house?
Ans. Armando wasn't happy about buying a new house because the whole dream was in a wad of filthy 1000 peso bills in the pocket of the worn-out pants he was wearing. And he realized that someone could take away that dream easily.

9. For what reason did he think that the heavy man got on the bus?
Ans. According to Armando, he thought that the heavy man got on the bus in order to rob away his money from him.

10. What did he think the heavy man had in his pocket?
Ans. Armando thought that the heavy man had a pistol in his pockets.

11. Why did some people in the bus look at Armando?
Ans. The people on the bus were looking at Armando because he still had his hat worn backward.

12. What did Armando think was the reason they looked at him?
Ans. According to Armando, he thought that the people on the bus looked at him because they knew that he had a lot of money in his pocket and wanted to rob him of it.

13. Who talked with the heavy man on the bus?
Ans. Three young boys who got aboard later started talking to the heavy man on the bus.

14. Who did Armando think the boys were?
Ans. Armando thought that the boys were a part of the gang members and was related to the heavy man.

15. Why did Armando leave the bus?
Ans. Armando got off the bus in order to get rid of the heavy man.

16. Who got off the bus at the same place?
Ans. The three boys who later got aboard the bus got off at the same place where Armando got off.

17. Why did Armando cry for help?
Ans. Armando cried for help because he thought that the three boys were following him and were gonna loot of all of his money.

18. Where did he run?
Ans. Armando ran across the street, through a barbed-wire fence, into an old junkyard.

19. Why did the boys follow him?
Ans. They followed him in order to help him as he was yelling for help.

20. Who were the boys?
Ans. The boys were mainly students who had come to participate in a football match.

A. Answer the following questions.
1. Why did Armando have the idea that everyone in the bank was watching him? What was the truth?
Ans. Armando had the idea that everyone at the bank was watching him because the bank teller began to count the money loudly and that which was a huge amount. Because of this, he felt that everyone in the bank was watching him.
*But the actually Armando had worn his hat backward which was the real reason why everyone at the bank was watching him.

2. Armando said that the man who was going to help him with the purchase of the house told him to bring the money, and he thought that this meant that he had to bring cash. Do you think he was right about that? Explain.
Ans. Looking at several conditions, we can say that of him thinking to bring cash was right because he was a poor man from a weak economical condition family. Also was uneducated, an illiterate meaning that he had no idea about the other means of money such as a cheque. Therefore, him bringing the cash was the right thing he did as he was poor and uneducated having no idea about the other safer means of money.

3. If someone had told him that his hat was on backward when he left the bank, do you think that Armando would have felt better? Explain.
Ans. According to what I think if someone did had told Armando about his hat being backward when he left the bank, then Armando would have definitely felt much better. He was pretty nervous about withdrawing the money as it was a lot of money and was his whole life savings which he earned to buy a house for his family. So if someone had told him about his hat then he would have definitely felt it better as he was worried by everyone staring at him making him feel that they all were gonna rob him.

4. What are the things which made Armando think that someone was going to rob him?
Ans. The first instance when he felt that someone was going to rob him was when the cashier began to count his money loudly and everyone began to stare at him. After this, a heavy man who was staring at him made him more nervous. After that, he left the bank and noticed a fat crooked man following him with his hands in his pocket which made Armando feel that he was gonna loot his money and also was armed with a gun in his pocket. After climbing on the bus, the same crooked man to boards the bus but this time with three more young boys which makes Armando feel that they were gang members preparing to rob him. Because of this he nervously jumps off the bus at the next stop. But again he sees the three boys too jump-off with him which finally makes him run screaming for help. But later it turns out that all of his thoughts were false and the three young boys were there to help him.

5. Do you think we sometimes make things worse rather than better when we get nervous? Explain.
Ans. According to me, I would agree that we sometimes or even most of the time make things worse rather than better when we get nervous. Most of the time it would depend on a person to another person. If the person is pretty good at handling such situations, then that person will surely make things better. But if that person is pretty bad in handling such situations, then he will surely make it worse. But it would usually depend on the type of situation they are in.

6. How do you think Armando felt when he found out that the boys wanted to help him? What do you think he said to them?
Ans. When Armando found out that the boys wanted to help him, he was relieved that they were not robbers and instead were students who came to rescue him when he yelled for help. I think that in the end, he must have thanked them as they gave him a big relief from his nervousness.