[The Magic Of Words] My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold [Questions & Answers]

1. Write in one sentence what the poem is about.
Ans. The poem is about time. The present is the outcome of our past and our future will be the outcome of what we do today.

2. Explain the paradox in "The child is the father of the Man"
Ans. The paradox in "The child is the father of the Man" means that, if a person needs to be a man, he first needs to be a child. Meaning that without a person reaching his childhood, he cannot become a father. In simple words, the author is trying to say that a person must be well in every aspect of his childhood as it would determine the fate of his future.

1. Interpret the poem in any way you like.
Ans. According to me, the poem "My heart leaps up when I behold" is mainly written by the author in such a beautiful and a meaningful manner which will teach each and every one of us a very good lesson that whatever you did in your past will always be the reason for the situation of your present, and what you are gonna do at present will determine how well your future will be written. He uses the paradox "The child is the father of the Man" which well describes the entire poem in a sentence.

2. What does the poet mean by "natural piety"?
Ans. By the term "natural piety", the poet means that he wishes that if his day could still be bound up with deep respect towards God & Religion