[The Magic Of Words] Speaking of Children [Questions & Answers]

1 The main idea of this essay is clearly stated in the first sentence. (When I had two children, I discovered....). Where else in this essay is this idea repeated in slightly different words? How does this repetition serve as a transition to the rest of the essay?
Ans. 'With one child, you and your husband are still yourselves; you have merely acquired an extra thing, like a Yorkshire Terrier or an electric toothbrush'. 'More than one and you're a family'. are some parts in the essay where the idea of having one child is repeated with slightly different words.

2. Almost half of the essay consists of conversations directly quoted. What makes this conversation sound natural? Holland never identifies the speakers - never writes "The child said..." or "I said...." - Still it is not hard to decide who the speakers are. How can you tell?
Ans. The conversations are sounding natural due to the dialogic style of the conversation presented. It is not that hard to decide who the actual speakers are since it is easy to identify the speakers through the context and expressions of the characters.

3. Holland deliberately uses a number of sentence fragments. Why are they appropriate to this essay? What effect do they create?
Ans. Holland deliberately uses a number of sentence fragments because it is a dialogic type of essay. And also it creates a natural type of effect.

4. What is the reason for the four single sentence paragraph at the end of the essay? Would you like it better if these four sentences were combined into one paragraph? Why or why not?
Ans. The four single sentence paragraph at the end of the essay is for the author who talks about different ideas in each of the four lines.
* Yes, I would like it is combined in a single paragraph as it would look easier to read and understand.

5. Write a short essay in which you show a situation or event by quoting what people say. Try to make at least one-third of your essay indirect quotation.
Ans. With a lot of people around us, be it our home, schools or even offices, everybody love's to mingle and make new friends around us. Some even would be open enough to share their personal views and opinions to get feedback on it. 
"Maybe you would like to have a cup of tea and discuss the dog menace? ".
"Surely man, we can do that and discuss that issue"
"As you know, the cases of the dog attacking pedestrians are increasing day by day. We need to come up with some solution before it gets even worse!"
"Yes, I do agree with you, but what would be the solution to it?"
"Maybe we can hire some dog catchers and relocate these dogs?"
"That's a great idea Ram! Let's do that and hope for the best!"

1. Does this essay speak in favor of or against having many children? Give reasons.
Ans. The speaker us against the idea of having many children. It is mainly because in the entire essay she has only mentioned the disadvantages of having more than one child. Hence indicating the same.

2. Argue why child spacing may be important for happy family life.
Ans. According to me, child spacing may be an important issue since it would allow the family to reduce financial expenses, improve the mother's and the child's health and also maintain a low risk of keeping the mother's and the child's life in danger.


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