[Announcement] Feedback Required !

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Greetings my fellow reader,

I had started this blog a couple of months ago out of curiosity and never expected it to run pretty well! For the first two months, I rarely had visitors to this blog, but now my stat shows that my blog has regularly 1000+ daily visitors which I never expected. I solely run this blog meaning that I try my best to give some time towards developing this blog and also I am a student which is a sort of a challenge for me to provide equal time for both studies and this blog and also that is one of the reasons why this blog isn't timely updated due to lack of available time. But anyway I'll be working hard towards the development of this blog and for that, I would like you to comment in your feedback about this blog on all its negative and positive points. I'd be more than happy to read them all and work through it in making one of the free sources of a student's educational needs. So hopefully you have had a good experience so far with my blog and I will be awaiting feedbacks :)

With Regards,

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  1. Great blog And would be happy to see it updated regularly