[The Magic Of Words] A Worn Path [Questions & Answers]

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1. Trace the various obstacles Old Phoenix comes up against between the Valley where we first pick her up and the wagon track, and describe how she deals with each.
Ans. At first, Phoenix had to climb up a frozen and slippery hill filled with pinecones. Later she faces a path full of thorny bushes. After which she comes across a freezing cold river which had a narrow wooden log where she had to carefully balance herself to make it to the other side. Next, she faces a barbed wire fence and she comes across a scarecrow and a hunter.
* Throughout the journey, she faces these obstacles with courage. At first, she carefully moves through the pine forest after which she moves through the thorny bushes avoiding her dress from touching it. Next, she carefully balances herself upon the wooden log placed over the freezing cold river and safely makes it across. Next, she carefully crawls under the barbed wire fence so that she could prevent her cloth from coming in contact with it. At last, she sees a scarecrow and mistakes it to ghost, but happily dances off when she realizes that it is just a scarecrow.

2. What does Old Phoenix do when she is knocked down by the dog?
Ans. Phoenix tries to yell out for help after she gets knocked down into a ditch by the dog.

3. In Egyptian mythology, the Phoenix was a bird of great splendor than ever five hundred years consumed itself by fire and rose renewed from its own ashes. In what ways is Phoenix Jackson like the bird?
Ans. Every time she faces a new obstacle, she fearlessly faces it without thinking of giving up. Just like how the Egyptian Mythology Bird `Phoenix' renews its life every five hundred years, the same in the story the obstacles gets renewed every time and she fearlessly faces it. Hence she is somewhat relatable to the Phoenix Bird.

4. Why does Phoenix keep talking to herself? What do her monologies add to the total portrait of her?
Ans. Phoenix keeps talking to herself because of her old age. As we all know as people get older they all tend to talk more to themself. From her monologues, we know more about her. We even get more details about her even though it is not elaborated clearly in the story.

5. What is the meaning of the episode in which Phoenix steals the nickel? Does the act offend our sense of honesty? Explain your answer.
Ans. When the hunter goes to chase the dog, she uses this moment to pick up the fallen nickel. In my opinion, this act cannot be called as stealing as she is old and poor and also it is the eve of Christmas where rich people give gifts to the poor. Hence we can assume that the falling of the nickel was a gift to her.
* No it does not offend our sense of honesty as it is not an act of stealing.

6. What significance can you attach to the fact that the journey takes place at Christmas time?
Ans. The birth of Jesus is always celebrated as Christmas. On this day, a lady called Maggie walked across the hill only to see him. Similar to what Phoenix had done hence both were somewhat significant in certain aspects.

1. How does Phoenix describe her situation to the man who helps her up?
Ans. Phoenix says that her situation was just like a June bug and she's very old with the chances of her having a tragic death if she wouldn't have been rescued by the hunter.

2. How does she feel about stealing the nickel he dropped?
Ans. When she proceeds to pick up the fallen nickel, the crows above her flies away making her realize that even though the hunter isn't seeing her doing this, there is God who is watching her and she takes the sign of the crows flying as a sign of God telling her to pick it up. Therefore she isn't ashamed of doing it.

3. How does she explain where she was going to him? How do we know how much old Phoenix loves her grandson?
Ans. After the hunter rescues Phoenix from the ditch, he recommends her to turn back immediately to where she had come from as it was a very cold night and she was very old. But she refused to do as her grandson was sick and needed immediate medications which show that old Phoenix loved her grandson a lot.

4. How does Phoenix know she is in the doctor's office?
Ans. When Phoenix arrives in town she visits the pharmacy where she sees certain certificates hung up on the wall which makes her believe that she was in the doctor's office.

5. Analyze Phoenix's language. What is conveyed through her speech?
Ans. From Phoenix's language, we come to know that she has a broken type of language as she is very old, poor, and illiterate.

6. Point out some specific instance of humor.
Ans. Apart from this being a sad and a pity full story, there were also some instances of humor. For instance, we can see her yelling at animals saying them to get out of her way. In another scene, we can see she dances off with a scarecrow and later falls down a ditch after being chased by a dog and her condition becomes like a June bug.

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