[The Magic Of Words] The Nightmare Without Fuel [Questions & Answers]

1. What specific problem does Asimov focus on in this essay? Why does he consider this issue worthy of attention?
Ans. Asimov mainly focuses on the energy crisis in this essay along with its negative and positive effects on everyone. He considers this issue worthy of attention because he wants the human race to understand the consequences of not properly utilizing energy resources. He also wants to make sure that there would be the discovery of alternative sources of these depleting energy sources.

2. According to the author, what will be the advantages of the fuel crisis of 1997? The disadvantages?
Ans. According to the author, during the fuel crisis, there won't be any vehicular movement hence reducing air pollution. There won't be any crime taking place as criminals won't be having fuel to make their escape in their vehicles. The death rate would also go upbringing the population under control. But along with these advantages, he also mentions some of its disadvantages like people will be under total darkness due to lack of sources to lit up. People will have to work longer hours than usual. They will have to travel on crowded vehicles also.

3. In Asimov's essay, what is happening in the rest of the world as America struggles without fuel?
Ans. The rest of the world has scientists who are advanced in research and are finding proper alternatives to the fuel crisis as America struggles to contain life with a low level of fuel supply.

4. What does the author mean when he says, "the suburbs were born with the auto, lived with the auto, and are dying with the auto." (lines 49-50)
Ans. People go to urban areas from the village for food facilities. When cities become crowded, people start to move towards suburban areas for peace. They move towards the suburbs because they can go there easily in their vehicles if there is a lack of fuel, they will have fewer difficulties. Basically, the author means to say that people of the suburbs were born and are used to machines, lived among the machine era, and also are dying along with it due to lack of fuel.

5. Can you guess Asimov's opinion on the military establishment by his references in lines 103-109? What does he think of the armed forces in general? What should be their place in society? How did you come to this conclusion?
Ans. According to Asimov, the military establishment of the USA are in the major part of the energy hit country. The armies would not dare to use up their limited supply of fuel. In general, he thinks that the army would hardly use a few of their tanks and weapons due to the fuel crisis.

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