[The Magic Of Words] The Poplar Field [Questions & Answers]

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1. Summarize the poem in one paragraph.
Ans.  The poem "The Poplar Field" is a poem about William Cowper and his experience in a field filled with Poplar trees. According to him, he first saw the trees twelve years back. Those trees had beautiful leaves which made a beautiful sound with birds chirping in their nests. But now, there is nothing left as all of the trees have been chopped down. The poplar field was destroyed due to the greed of humans. He believes that by the time the poplar field grows back, it would be too late as everyone would die sooner or later and so will he.

2. Consider this poem as a defense of nature conservation.
Ans. His main idea is about the negative effects of deforestation. Natural shades, animal habitats, natural vegetation, the greenery all are lost over the natural cycle of the environment. Therefore Cowper writes this poem to show the importance of conservation of nature and the environment.

1. Why do you think the poet has written this poem in the first person?
Ans. The poet has written the poem in the aspect of the first person in order to show it in a practical aspect.

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