[The Magic Of Words] The Three Day Blow [Questions & Answers]

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1. Describe the setting in which the writer locates his characters.
Ans. According to the author, his characters are in a house next to a fireplace. It is an autumn windy season. The setting is in the rural countryside where the characters are drinking Irish whiskey and the major part of the story always takes place near the fireplace.

1. What has the weather condition to do with the sequence of events?
Ans. The title "The three-day blow" refers to the strong winds which blew for three days in the story. Over here we also witness the three chain of events which occurs, i.e Nick breaks up with his girlfriend Marjorie because he doesn't like her mother in law as he believes that he has to meet his mother in law each and every day and also he hates her behavior. The next event was when they both get separated but at last reconciliation and come back together. Just like the winds which grew stronger in one day and became weak the next day. The story's weather condition and the sequence of events are somewhat related.

2. The story is presented in a sequence of approximately seven scenes (excluding the opening exposition). Can you find them?
Ans. In the first, we come across Nick and Bill. Both standing together looking out across the country, down over the orchard, beyond the road, across the lower fields and woods of the point to the lake. The next scene is of them in a cottage sitting next to a fireplace drinking an old Irish whiskey. The next scene is where Nick's shoes begin to steam in front of the fire. After which they start discussing their favorite baseball player teams. And at the last, they start discussing their favorite book.

1. Discuss "The three-day blow" as a dramatic story.
Ans. The three-day blow can be called a dramatic story as we can find certain elements of drama in it. The story isn't even like a major story, rather it is about two friends, Nick & Bill. Once in a blow, Nick came to Bill's house to meet him. Bill's father was not there. He was all alone in the house, so he became very glad to find Nick with him. The two friends started to drink. While drinking, they started to chat over different topics. They talked about games, books, and writers. Thus, from one topic to another, Bill happens to start the topic about Nick's ex, whom he had broken up with because of her mother in law.

The story has also been dramatic because of the dramatic elements in it. The whole story is filled with dialogues and conversations like how it is in a drama.

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