Thank You For Your Love & Support!

Dear Reader(s),

A few day's ago this blog just surpassed the 200k readers mark! & I want to thank each and everyone of you for showing trust & support towards my blog. I started this blog out of curiosity and I never expected it to grow big so fast. From a few hundred monthly readers to thousand's of monthly readers, all this couldn't have been possible without you.

I am aware of the fact that the blog hasn't been updated for quite a long time now as even I am a student and I alone run this blog, manually fill in all the info & publish it. Now as we all are under quarantine, I will continue updating the blog Asap! I read many of your mail's & comment's & what makes me happy is that many of you got a lot of help from my little blog & for that I will be posting more & more contents soon!

If you have any suggestions, request's or enquiries you can surely mail me on
I run this blog for free of cost without any sponsors & if you would like to donate towards the development of this site then you can surely go ahead and donate through esewa.

Esewa ID : 9823776116

Upcoming Blog Updates :

Since the blog has been quite inactive for quite sometime, below are certain changes which you will notice in the upcoming days.
1. Previously the blog contained ads as it was the main source of income for me but all the annoying ads will be completely disabled & I wont be making any revenue of the blog. (There might be some pop up ads showing up at certain intervals but will be limited)
2. New & Updated contents.
3. User request panel where user can request for a feature or contetns.
4. User discuss panel where users can discuss, chat with fellow readers.
5. Some must have noticed it & those who haven't yet the blog address has been changed. Previously it was but now it is So from now on the blog will be accessible under the new adress and the old will be null.
6. Blog rating option has been added below. A rating would encourage us to continue providing you with the best services. Make sure to give a 5 star rating if you are fully satisfied with the blog :)
7. An option to save files will be available soon so that people who have limited access to the internet can download it & view it at their convenience.

And many more features will be added to make the blog fun & freely accessible.

With Regards,
Kabinder Magar (Owner & Founder)

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