[The Magic Of Words] Malini [Questions & Answers]

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1. At the beginning of the play the King talks about "storm clouds gathering over the King's house." What does he refer to?

Ans. The King means that the storm clouds gathering over his home was a sign of some trouble which was coming for them and he wanted his daughter to be aware of it and not fall into any trouble and maybe take rest when needed but only for a short period of time.

2. What were the Brahmins demanding for?

Ans. The brahmins very demanding for Malini’s banishment from the kingdom because of her new creed or religion, which was quite against the old religion of Brahmins. They thought that she was a heretic (Dharma Bodhi). Malini was, in fact, spreading Buddhism all around the Kingdom which was intolerable to the Brahmins. [Answer Taken From The Pro Notes ]

3. If the demand persisted, would the King banish his daughter? Give reasons.

Ans. Yes, the King would have banished his daughter if the demand would persist because more than anyone he was himself against his daughter Malini's views on her new religion and it was a matter of his respect, position & dignity in the Kingdom.

4. Draw a character sketch of Supriya and show how he is different from Kemankar.
Ans. Supriya is a Hindu Brahmin who is strong neither in his words nor in his actions. His thoughts are always flickering with doubts. When he is under the influence of Kemankar he seems to follow him but in his absence, he sides with Malini. He sees no reason for banishing an innocent girl like Malini. Supriya also believes that truth cannot be determined by the force of numbers. Like Malini, he believes that truth and love are the body and soul of the religion. In spite of having some virtual qualities, he is a betrayer because he betrayed both his friendship and religion for a girl. [Answer Taken From The Pro Notes ]

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