[Class 11 Meaning Into Words] Unit 2 - Decisions & Intentions [Solved Solutions]


[Class 11 Meaning Into Words] Unit 2 - Decisions & Intentions [Solved Solutions]

2.2 Making decisions

1. to have a beer - I think I'll have a beer. I have been working all day.

2. not to have a beer ­- Maybe I won't have a beer. I had been sick the last time.

3. to write to your mother ­- Perhaps I'll write a letter to my mother. It's been a long time that I had last saw her.

4.  not to go out tonight ­- I don't think I'll go out tonight. I have classes tomorrow.

5. to learn to drive ­- Perhaps I'll start to learn to drive. I might get a new car soon.

6. not to have any more to eat -  Maybe I won't have any more to eat. My stomach is already full

7. not to give up smoking -  I don't think I'll give up smoking. I am addicted to it

8. to go swimming - I think I'll go swimming. It's hot these days.

9. to have a party - Perhaps I'll have a party soon. Its my friends birthday.

10. not to invite Jane to your party - Perhaps you shouldn't invite Jane to your party.

Now add a decision to these remarks

1. I'm getting much too fat.... - I think I'll start dieting

2. I'm fed up with my job.... - I think I'll find another one

3. She seems very friendly..... - Maybe I'll make her as my friend

4. I'm a bit tired tonight..... - Maybe I'll take some rest

5. I really must try and get rid of this cough...... - Maybe I'll visit the doctor

6. I hope they're not worried about me......- Perhaps they know my where abouts.

7. I've had enough of these mice running about all over the flat.... - Maybe I'll buy a mice trap.

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