[Class 11 Meaning Into Words] Unit 4 - Directions [Solved Solutions]

[Class 11 Meaning Into Words] Unit 4 - Directions [Solved Solutions]

Unit 4. Direction

4.1 Prepositions of Direction

What possible directions can you go in if you are :

1. in a street? - up, down, across, along

2. by a low wall? - over

3. by a bed? - on to, up, off, out, around, under

4. a fly on a wall? - off

5. near a house? - towardss, away, upto, past

6. in a field? - across, through, round

7. standing near a tunnel? - into, out off, through, towards

8. near two trees? - round, up, down

Now write appropriate prepositions in the gaps.

1. When the bull began to run towards me, I jumped over the fence across the next field.

2. He took two books outside the shelf. He put one of them over the table, and the other one insid his briefcase.

3. She ran across the corridor, and  down the stairs into the basement.

4. His bullet whistled across my ear, so I shot him right between the eyes.

5. He came beside her, and put his arm around her waist.

6. The prisoner jumped through the window, ran across the street, and jumped into a car that was waiting for him on the other side.

7. Looking through the microscope, she saw the two cells separate abd move slowly towards each other.

8. They couldn't get over the high wall, so they dug a tunnel under it.

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