[Class 11 Meaning Into Words] Unit 6 - Talking About Now [Solved Solutions]

[Class 11 Meaning Into Words] Unit 6 - Talking About Now [Solved Solutions]

Unit 6. Talking about now

6.3 See for yourself

1. Someone's following us.

There's somebody following us

We're being followed

2. Some men are pulling down the house.

There's some men's pulling down the house

The house is being pulled down

3. Another car's overtaking us.

There's another car overtaking us

We're being overtaken

4. Someone's looking after the children.

The children's are being looked after by someone

The children's are being looked after

5. Two policemen are questioning the man.

There's two policemen questioning the man

The man is being questioned

6. A man's feeding the tiger's

There's a man feeding the tigers

The tigers are being fed

7. Nobody's using the car today.

There is'nt any body using the car today

The car is'nt being used

8. Nobody's guarding the prisoner.

There is'nt anybody guarding the prisoner

The prisoner is'nt being guard

9.Is anybody making the tea.

Is'nt there anybody making the tea?

Is the tea being made?

10. Is anyone using this room?

Is'nt there anybody using this room?

Is this room being used?


1. Don't switchh the radio off - Im listening to it

2. You'd better hurry up and eat that ice crea - It's melting

3. We need to have our roof repaired - It's leaking

4. Pass me a paper handkerchief - I have cold

5. I'm afraid you can't use that room just now - Someone's using it

6. You should put some suntan oil on your back - It's sunny

7. There's no need to worry about the children - They are sleeping

8. Quick, darling, hide in the wardrobe - My husband's coming

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