[Class 11 Meaning Into Words] Unit 8 - Recent Actions And Activities [Solved Solutions]

[Grade 11 Meaning Into Words] Unit 8 - Recent Actions And Activities [Solved Solutions]

8.5 Recent activities

Ask why :

1. your hair's wet

A : Why is your hair wet?

B : I've been swimming.

C : I've been bathing

D : I've been pranked

2. you're out of breath

A : Why are you out of breath?

B : I've been running.

C : I've been exercising.

D : I've been dacning.

3. you've got oil on your hands

A : Why is your hand oily?

B : I've been cooking.

C : I've been oiling up my hair.

D : I've been massaging

4. your hands are shaking

A : Why is your hands shaking?

B : I've been questioned by the police.

C : I've been giving my board exams.

D : I've been followed all the way home

5. your face is red

A : Why is your face red?

B : I've been sun bathing.

C : I've been slapped.

D : I've been exercising hard.

6. you've got blood on your hands

A : Why have you got blood on your hands?

B : I've been killing someone.

C : I've been chopping up meat.

D : I've been helping an accident victim.

7.  there's saw dust on the floor

A : Why is there saw dust on the floor?

B : I've been cutting wood planks.

C : I've been making furnitures.

D : I've been polishing the wood.

What do you think these people 

(a) have been doing recently?

(b) haven't been doing recently?

1. Eric has put on six kilos.

a. He has been eating a lot.

b. He hasn't been doing exercise.

2. Samantha has lost her suntan.

a. She has been using anti-tan cream.

b. She hasn't been going out much.

3. Michael's got severe tootache.

a. He has been eating ice cream the whole day.

b. He hasn't brushed his teeth for a week.

4. Janice isn't going to pass her exam.

a. She has been partying the whole weekend.

b. She hasn't studied well before the exams.

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