Computer - Multimedia | Short Answer Questions ( Grade XII)


Unit - 7 , Multimedia - Grade XII. Subject : Computer

Short Answer Questions

1. WHAT IS MULTIMEDIA ? Explain it's application areas.


Multimedia is a technology which stores data as text, photos, animation, music , video etc. And gives the method to collect and modify the data as required.

It's application areas are as follow :

a) Education : The teaching methodology by using only hearing the lectures in the class makes difficult to understand the topic . So if we can able to implement the multimedia presentation. Of the topic we can easily grasp the concept. 

b) Entertainment : The entertainment Industry Has used this technology widely. The mind blowing Graphics like i-robot, Terminator, and Titanic many word-renowned movies includes high resolution graphics and animation, which makes the movies fascinating and full of entertainment.

c) Web Page : In early days only text was implemented in the webpage which has static in nature. After the advancement of multimedia technologies, Now days webpage includes graphics and animation, makes dynamic the website eye-catching and fascinating. 

d) Business : These Days different marketing advertisement has been used for a convincing customer about the product and services. with the help of multimedia features, the company can elaborate the features of products

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